intersolar 2024

New product launch! CESC unveils at Intersolar Europe 2024

On June 21, 2024, the much-anticipated Intersolar Europe concluded successfully in Munich, Germany. This global solar industry event attracted 110,000 professional visitors and gathered 3,008 exhibitors from 55 countries, showcasing the industry's cutting-edge products and solutions.

During this 3-day exhibition that set the trend for the new energy industry, CESC demonstrated to the global industry users a one-stop new energy storage solution driven by innovation as the core driving force, from the new product Solar Carport, to the Mars and Venus series of household energy storage systems, and commercial and industrial storage solutions, each product has won market recognition with its actual performance and innovative design, highlighting the company's leading position in technological innovation and market insight.

Local Roots, Global Reach
At Intersolar Europe, CESC aimed to underscore its "localization within globalization" strategy, emphasizing the integration of global perspective with localized scene innovation. Through strategic partnerships forged in key European markets such as Germany, Italy, France, Austria, and beyond, the company demonstrated its commitment to meticulous overseas market cultivation.

Solar Carport: Paving the Way for Global Green Mobility
The Solar Carport, with its pioneering concept and functional excellence, stole the show. This all-in-one solution, merging carport, energy storage, and charging station, resonated with the unstoppable trend toward green transportation. Throughout the exhibition, the Solar Carport garnered significant interest and inquiries from attendees, with many potential European partners expressing keen interest. The enthusiastic feedback and partnership intentions received affirmed the market potential of the Solar Carport and showcased CESC's profound understanding of and dedication to the European market.

Household and Commercial Storage: Dual Tracks of Progress
In the realm of household energy storage, CESC's Mars and Venus series set the benchmark with superior performance. According to the International Energy Agency (IEA), residential energy storage systems are growing at over 40% annually worldwide, underscoring the significance of efficient and intelligent storage solutions. CESC's home storage systems, boasting over 97% charge-discharge efficiency and paired with advanced smart energy management systems, ensure household energy security while significantly reducing costs, reflecting the company's ongoing leadership in technological innovation.

For commercial and industrial storage, CESC introduced high-standard solutions featuring full-lifecycle digital management strategies, enhancing operational efficiency. McKinsey research indicates that digital management can cut business operating costs by up to 20%. CESC's commercial storage solutions not only improve economic viability but also offer a clear pathway to green transformation for enterprises.

Exhibition Highlights: Sharing Insights and Connections
On the Intersolar Europe stage, CESC's booth became a hub for exchanges among industry experts, business partners, and clients from 55 nations. Each discussion delved into the nuances of energy storage trends, and every handshake laid the foundation for future collaborations. We cherish the open, international atmosphere of Intersolar, which deepened our connections with global partners and infused new vitality into our global strategy.

Since its establishment in 2023, CESC, as a one-stop energy storage solution expert, has rapidly expanded its operations across Europe and dozens of other global markets. We remain steadfast in our commitment to innovation, actively building overseas localization teams to enhance close ties with international clients, and strive to deliver swift, comprehensive, and professional service experiences.

During the exhibition, we extend our heartfelt gratitude to every guest who graced our booth, enriching our perspectives and stimulating innovative thinking. As the curtain falls on this remarkable event, we look forward to continuing collaboration with global partners, bringing forth more innovative one-stop energy storage solutions, contributing to global energy transformation, and co-creating a cleaner, more efficient, and sustainable future together.