Hungary New Energy Business SUMMIT 2024

CESC Power and MIMEX Make a Splash at Hungary's New Energy Business Summit

Budapest, Hungary - CESC Power joined hands with their strategic partner MIMEX to make a significant impact at the New Energy Business Summit held in Hungary. The event, which brought together industry leaders and visionaries, served as a platform for CESC Power to present its brand and an array of innovative products to the summit's attendees.

During their participation, CESC Power and MIMEX delivered a compelling presentation that shed light on the burgeoning trends within the energy storage industry. The speech captivated the audience with its depth of insight and was met with an outpouring of enthusiasm and interest from summit participants. The company's presence at the summit solidified its position as a key player in the new energy landscape.

CESC Power and MIMEX look forward to continuing the conversation and working with industry peers to shape the future of energy.