Optimize Energy Utilization, Achieve Grid Resilience

CESC's utility ESS solution optimizes energy use, integrates renewables, and fortifies grid resilience to drive dual gains in economic efficiency and long-term environmental sustainability.
Price Optimization

Hedge price volatility and lower
your costs with the energy
optimization algorithms
Demand Response

Real-time, aggregated control of available energy
resources to meet supply and demand.
Congestion Management

Perform batch setting of inverters's parameters
to avoid grid overload
Data Services

Near real-time data reporting for largee groups of
resources to optimize operations and decision making.
Renewable Integration

Facilitates the adoption and storage of renewable
energy, aligning with green energy goals

Utility ESS Solution For All Energy Needs


Large-scale C&I

Source Network Side

Data Centre

Boost Company’s Business with the Comprehensive Project Management Services

Project Planning and Consulting

  Dedicated Software Tools for Prolect Planning

  Outstanding Project Simulations

  LCOE &ROI Analysis

  Support from the Engineering Team


  Design Validation

  Hands-On Training

  Installation Checklists

  On-sie Suppot

  Remote Access

  Automated Commissioning Report

Operation & Maintenance

  Fleet Management

  Precisely Locatable Alerts

  Performance Monitoring

  Module-level Analysis

  Remote Troubleshooting

  Automated Reports