Advanced 3.42MWh ESS Container with Intelligent Cooling

The 3.42MWh ESS Container combines battery, EMS, PCS, and liquid cooling in a user-friendly, high-density design. Intelligent cooling boosts efficiency by 30%, and our LiFePO4 batteries ensure safety and longevity, with modular ease for installation and maintenance.
Precision temperature control technology
Intelligent liquid cooling system to maintain ±7℃
temperature difference and improve efficiency.
High-efficiency energy storage system
Modular design with a total capacity of 3.42 MWh
and expandable battery racks and packs.
All-round safety protection
Multi-level safety protection system including
pack-level fire extinguishing, environmental
sensing and explosion-proof.
Intelligent Fire Fighting System
Automated Heptafluoropropane fire suppression,
instant alarm and power failure protection.
Flexible Monitoring Configuration
Optional 4G video monitoring, supporting remote
and on-site dual control.
Integrated Design
Integration of indoor and outdoor units,
power distribution, monitoring and fire protection
in one 20' energy storage cabinet solution.