Boost Business Profit, Enhance Energy Efficiency

CESC C&I solution streamlines energy expenses, boosts operational efficiency, and secures a reliable power supply to excel increased business profitability and long-term sustainability.
Smart and User Friendly

Supports cloud-based data and operations
management analysis
Safe and Reliable

Fault grading mechanism for rapid
response to preset faults
Flexible and Convenient

Modular design with plug-and-play functionality,
supporting zero on-site debugging
Investment Return

Long-term investment in energy storage systems can
yield financial returns by saving on energy costs
Economic and Practical

Features peak shaving and valley filling, demand-side
response functions, remote updates, and lower
maintenance costs

Commercial & Industrial ESS Solution For All Energy Needs



Farming Factory

Shopping Mall

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Boost Company’s Business with the Comprehensive Project Management Services

Project Planning and Consulting

  Dedicated Software Tools for Prolect Planning

  Outstanding Project Simulations

  LCOE &ROI Analysis

  Support from the Engineering Team


  Design Validation

  Hands-On Training

  Installation Checklists

  On-sie Suppot

  Remote Access

  Automated Commissioning Report

Operation & Maintenance

  Fleet Management

  Precisely Locatable Alerts

  Performance Monitoring

  Module-level Analysis

  Remote Troubleshooting

  Automated Reports